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Discover how the capital markets can boost your growth plans by joining IPOready, the programme designed for businesses ready to take the next step towards going public.

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About IPOready

IPOready is Euronext's comprehensive pre-IPO programme for businesses ready to take the next step towards going public.

Our 6-month educational programme is designed to provide executives with the tools and insights they need to achieve IPO readiness and success while focusing on building a strong European community of alumni to provide ongoing support and guidance between peers.

The programme is currently available in Belgium, France, Germany and Central-Eastern Europe, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Spain.

The content is provided by Euronext and its extensive network of partners and sponsors from the financial industry: investment bankers, auditors, lawyers, financial communication and investor relations experts.

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Thematic courses

Designed for tech startups and high-growth technology companies, this track focuses on accessing new capital sources and preparing for IPO as a Tech company.

Focused on integrating Environmental, Social and Governance factors into business decision-making processes, this track provides guidance on sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement, and climate risk management.

Helping you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments on the capital market and learn how to navigate market volatility as a listed company.

IPOready also offers a special track for private companies with strong founder ownership, particularly adapted to family-owned businessess. This track offers guidance on succession planning, governance structures, and managing family dynamics, as well as resources on attracting and retaining institutional investors.

4 modules of knowledge-sharing and networking


Interactive courses are held locally by partners to educate participants on capital markets topics including the IPO process, legal matters and attracting investors.

Workshop sessions cover a range of topics related to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) including:

  • Organisational structure & corporate governance
  • Tax and legal implications
  • Investors’ engagement
  • Corporate and equity story
  • IPO readiness
  • ESG in the life of a listed company


Throughout the year, all participants receive individual training and tailor-made mentoring from dedicated professionals:

  • auditors
  • lawyers
  • financial communications experts

These one-to-one coaching meetings with partners are a unique opportunity for companies to discuss and examine their main challenges.


You can tailor your educational experience to your specific needs and interests within three different tracks: Tech, ESG and Market Trends.


Once a year, a global closing campus is held with all IPOready participants from across Europe, providing cutting-edge knowledge, interactive sessions and valuable networking opportunities.

What entrepreneurs think of IPOready

IPOready helped accelerate our growth plans. We learned valuable lessons from top-class advisors and our fellow programme participants. Our approach to strategic finance and overall company ambition have benefited directly.


Attended IPOready programme in 2021

IPOready provides you with knowledge that is difficult to gain elsewhere. I found the programme interesting and very educational. Although I have studied finance, I learned a lot by participating in the IPOready programme.


Attended IPOready programme in 2022

IPOready was a great experience – the networking, mentoring and quality and choice of speakers gave huge insights to the world of strategic financing options in order to scale your business. A very insightful and thoroughly enjoyable course which I would highly recommend


Attended IPOready programme in 2021

I met with a lot of peers and that was really interesting to understand what their challenges and plans are. And then I also met a lot of high-quality speakers and it was really interesting to have their perspectives and points of view as public investors mindset. As a CFO I have my challenges and I don’t often have that many opportunities to talk to public investors


Attended TechShare programme in 2022



Online applications
July 2023
to November 2023

Local Welcome Session
January 2024

Workshop sessions, coaching and thematic courses
From February 2024
to May 2024

Global Closing Campus
June 2024

Who can apply?

Private companies

with significant funding needs

with strong financial metrics showing growth ambitions

that are likely to consider capital markets within 2-3 years

Euronext at a glance

Euronext is the leading pan-European market infrastructure, connecting European economies to global capital markets, to accelerate innovation and sustainable growth. It operates regulated exchanges in Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Portugal. With more than 1,900 listed equity issuers and around €6.5 trillion in market capitalisation as of end June 2023, it has an unmatched blue chip franchise and a strong diverse domestic and international client base.

Euronext operates regulated and transparent equity and derivatives markets, one of Europe’s leading electronic fixed income trading markets and is the largest centre for debt and funds listings in the world. Euronext also leverages its expertise in running markets by providing technology and managed services to third parties. In addition to its main regulated market, it also operates a number of junior markets, simplifying access to listing for SMEs.

#1 equity listing venue in europe

More than1,900
companies listed on Euronext
total aggregated market capitalisation
active institutional investors
listing venues fully integrated into one single liquidity pool

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